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Common Core ELA RF 1 3c Grade 1 Reading Foundational Skills Phonics and Word recognition

Reading Foundational Skills: Phonics and Word recognition

Know final -e and common vowel team conventions for representing long vowel sounds.

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-ate Word Wheel-ate Word Wheel-ine Word Wheel-ore Word Wheel-ime Word Wheel-ice Word WheelSilent E Mini-Book: Let's Bake a Cake-ice Word Wheel-ime Word Wheel-ore Word Wheel-ine Word WheelMini-Book: The SnakeA Shake at the ShoreMini-Book: Letter KThe Snake (sn sound)Contraction ChoicesM - Word WheelSh - Ch CluesBlue and Black Berries (bl sound)Contractions: Cut & Paste Activity 2J - Word WheelVowel MatrixShort A Mini-Book: Rat, Cat, and PatLong E Mini-Book : Buzz, Buzz, BeeContraction PuzzleL - Word WheelShort Vowel SortChip and Chad (ch sound)Qu - Word WheelContractions - Thinking ActivityWords that Start with C cLong Vowel SortCar Won't Start (st sound)Writing Words that Start with N nPossessive Noun or Contraction?C- Word Wheel (Soft C)Letter Z Mini-BookTrace-and-Say: Starts with N nMore Contraction SentencesLetter Y Mini-BookN - Word WheelLong O - Word WheelLong Vowel Mystery WordsWriting Words that Start with CLetter C Mini-BookFloat Your Boat (oa Sound)Letter N Mini-BookLong U - Word WheelLong and Short Vowel SortWords that Start with D dFarm Mini-BookWh - Word WheelLong I - Word WheelLong & Short Vowel QuestionsThe Car That Went Too Far (ar Sound)Letter Z Mini-BookLong A - Word WheelShort Vowel Mystery WordsLetter S Mini-BookLetter Y Mini-BookShort A - Word WheelWords with EE and EAI have/Who has Game: Level 1Letter V Mini-BookLong U Mini-Book : Using My CrayonsMatching Vowel SoundsLetter T Mini-BookShort U Mini-Book : Run Bug! Run!Long E: Scarescrow Mini-BookCut and Sort Sentence Sequence - ShBuild-a-Word: Snow & SledSh - Word WheelSh - Ch SentencesLetter N Mini-BookBuild-a-Word: Six & StarC- Word Wheel (Soft C)Ch-Sh ListsLetter K Mini-BookWriting Words that Start with S sWH - Word WheelWord Color - /sh/Long I Mini-Book : Mom & ILetter S Mini-BookSh - Ch RiddlesShort U Mini-Book : Run Bug! Run!Word-Picture Match - /s/ WordsWord Scramble - /sh/Long O Mini-Book : Row, the BoatV - Word WheelV - Word WheelLetter V Mini-BookWord Copy - /sh/Short O Mini-Book : FoxQ - Word WheelSh - Ch RiddlesShort E Mini-Book: JenCar Won't Start (Mini Book)Long U Mini-Book : Using My Crayons-ub Word WheelL - Word WheelSh - Ch SentencesSh - Ch CluesLong A Mini-Book : Kay-KayK - Word WheelWord Color - /ch/Long E Mini-Book : Buzz, Buzz, BeeN - Word Wheel-ub Word WheelLetter T Mini-BookJ - Word WheelLong I Mini-Book : Mom & IM - Word WheelCh-Sh ListsLetter C Mini-BookLong O Mini-Book : Row, the BoatLong A Story - Plane to SpainWord Scramble - /ch/Writing Words that Start with R rShort O Mini-Book : FoxLong and Short Vowel SoundsMini-Book: Chip and ChadWord-Picture Match - /r/ WordsLong Vowel SentencesWord Copy - /ch/Words that Start with K kLong and Short Vowels: Coloring BoxesBlue and Black Berries (bl sound)Mini-Book: The Car that Went Too FarTrace-and-Say: Starts with R rContraction SentencesBuild-a-Word: Roof & RoseK - Word WheelSh - Word WheelA Shake at the Shore (sh sound)Build-a-Word: Cake and FireMissing Letters (OA Words)Build-a-Word: Rake and NineSentence Building Cards (Silent E)Build-a-Word: Face and VaseBuild-a-Word: Mice and TapeGame: Word-Picture MatchBuild-a-Word: Bike and TireBuild-a-Word: Cage and DiceMissing Letters 2 (Silent E)Missing Letters 1 (Silent E)Missing Letters (AI Words)