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Common Core ELA L 3 4 Grade 3 Language Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

Language: Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning word and phrases based on grade 3 reading and content, choosing flexibly from a range of strategies.

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PersonificationWords With Multiple DefinitionsMonarch Butterfly (Non-Fiction)Groundhog or Woodchuck (Article)Monarch Butterfly (Non-Fiction)Magician of the Sea (Non-Fiction)Rainy Day Fun (Fiction Story)New Neighbors (Fiction)Shark Teeth (Fiction)Monarch Butterfly (Article)Shh! It's a Secret (Fiction)Vocab for Chapters 7-8Math Problems (Fiction)Vocab for Chapters 1-3Friday the 13th (fiction)Vocab for Chapters 4-6Leaf Races (Fiction)Camouflage ArticleClear Choice (Fiction)Nocturnal AnimalsGroundhog or Woodchuck?Vocab for Chapters 17-20Tree House ToolsNew Teacher Trouble (Fiction)Vocab for Chapters 9-12Walk With My DogVocab for Chapters 13-16Friday Night FootballVideo Game Mania (Fiction)Silent, Nighttime HuntersTarantulasKids' Best Friend (Fiction)Vocab for Chapters 5-8OctopusNature's Rainbow (Fiction)Vocabulary for Chapters 1-4MigrationUnluckyHorned LizardsVocab for Chapters 1-5ChameleonsMaking FunVocab for Chapters 11-15SeahorsesGarden for OneVocab for Chapters 6-10GrasshoppersMini-VacationFrogs and ToadsThe Haunted Tree (Fiction)Vocab for Chapters 20-22Great White SharksFriends Helping FriendsVocab. for Chapters 1-5Vocab for Chapters 13-16SkunksThe Strange Star (Fiction)Vocab. for Chapters 21-26Vocab for Chapters 17-19Scariest Scarecrow (Fiction)Time Capsule (Fiction)Vocab. for Chapters 11-15Who's on First? (Fiction)Grandma to All (Fiction)Constellations Article & QuestionsTomorrow (Fiction)Rules of the PlaygroundVocab for Chapters 5-8Girls Rule! Boys Drool! (Fantasy)Foul Ball (Fiction)Vocab for Chapters 9-12Friendly SportsSuper RobotomanVocab for Chapters 1-4GrasshoppersMigration (Article and Questions)To the Rescue (Fiction)Lunchbox Surprise (Fiction)Just Be PatientThe Good Old DaysNew Teacher TroubleAdventures of Crazy CatSleepover Nightmares (Fiction)Grasshoppers (Article)EarthwormsTime Machine Swing Set (Fiction)Monarch ButterflyPot of Gold StoryPiggy Banks (Non-Fiction)Lit Circles: Word WizardLit. Circles: Word WizardLit. Circles: Word WizardLit. Circles: Word WizardMother's Day Gift (Fiction Story)Lit. Circles: Word WizardScariest ScarecrowHalloween ParadeThe Excellent Egg DropEaster ParadeHoliday Traditions (Fiction Story)The Luck of the OwlAll About Squishy Squid (Non-Fiction)Pink Fairy ArmadillosCoral Reef: The Ocean's Coolest NeighborhoodLit Circles: Word Wizard